Not a long time ago I discovered for myself. Today I’ll show not only the implementation of Get, but also some common issues with the implementation, improvements and its usage in production.

Basic implementation

As I said, there’s a repo on GitHub: type-challenges.

UI for TV series in Chrome

Joyn (previously 7TV) is German “Netflix” which has films, TV series and live TV.

Did you hear anything about code obfuscation? Let’s have a look at Joyn video player and how they use that in production.

Scripts and modules

Let’s open any TV series and see what scripts are in Network panel of…

I’ve discovered Udemy as a service around 5–6 years ago. Below you can read what I found interesting having a look at the player during several hours.


The Web Video Text Tracks Format, or WebVTT, is a to mark up external text track resources and put them to <track>

Developing video player in Yandex, I’m not always limited to what we do but also wondering what technologies and techniques are used in other companies. As I like England I investigated the player of BBC, well-known quite a big company. …

Today I had an hour of my free time to learn how Amazon Prime Video Player is working. I’ll show you my small investigation of what I found.

Where is the main script

Playing and pausing is the core functionality of the player. …

What’s a transducer?

Transducer is a function which changes behaviour of a reducer without knowing the structure and without creating intermediate structures

Logo is designed by

What’s nanoutils?

🌊 Tiniest FP-friendly JavaScript utils library

It was created after and but the challenge was to have each method less than 1KB.

The basic ideas of nanoutils:

  1. Functional programming is awesome 🔥
  2. No dependencies ❌
  3. No ES6 features ❌
  4. Efficient ⚡🚀
  5. Light 🎈

Awesome size 📦

Size is important as download…


One Saturday afternoon I started researching top 20 of players' site structure, its performance and tried to come up with something better (image loading, adaptive layout, etc)

And it turned out most of websites use Wordpress?!

I researched analogues and found more appropriate CMS for myself and it…

One day some designers provide you with beautiful mock-ups 🌠 and … custom macOS-like scrollbars which look like:

But maybe on the left, smaller or bigger, with different indents dependent on whether it’s mobile 📱, desktop 🖥️ or TV screen 📺 Asking more?

But the reality is… a customisation of…

Probably you also forgot to replace your old mail with the new one. Or commited and pushed the code from your working laptop. It’s totally fine, you’re not alone.

Here are the steps to fix your problem.

  1. Get the repo:
git clone --bare 

2. Create a script file:

touch .sh

3. Fill the file with the content:

Alexey Berezin

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